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noisrev 08-11-2003 12:48 PM

Gnome Panel missing when logged in as root
I am new to Linux, and I just installed Redhat 7.3

When I log in as the user account I created everything is fine, but when I first logged in with root, the Gnome-Panel crashed instantly. I can make it come back by entering "panel" at the terminal, but now it no longer loads when I log in as root. The panel still loads as usual when I log in with my other account.

Does anyone know how to make the panel load when I log in as root? It's merely a minor annoyance since I can always load it by entering the command, but I would much rather have it load at startup (and hopefully not crash) like it does when I log in with my other account.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and please keep in mind I'm very new to Linux so I may have trouble following difficult instructions.

Thanks in advance

DrOzz 08-11-2003 01:01 PM

well i can tell ya i don't know why it is crashing once you log in as root, but then again ask yourself, "why am i logging into X as root in the first place"....if you still want to continue to do it, the only thing i can suggest to you, is to log in, let the panel crash, open up the terminal type in panel again, watch it load, then right click the panel, and select to add a new panel, and then log out and log in and see if the new panel you have made is staying.

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