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acidjuice 03-28-2005 04:49 PM

GNOME menus
hi all,

I'm trying to add an application to the Gnome applications menu. The procedure I am following is as per the official GNOME guide:

Open Nautilus
Type "applications:///" in the location box
Right click on the menu

i get the option "Entire Menu -> Add new item to this menu". i use it to enter a new launcher, and everything seems to work.

however, when i logout / re-login, no new entry has been added. i also tried right-clicking directly on the applications menu drop down, getting the "Entire Menu -> Add new item to this menu" option, entering info there... nothing happens either.

i'm running slackware 10.1. with gnome 2.6.8. what do you think is going wrong? only hard coding the proper .directory, .desktop files and the vfloder-info ones i can get what i want.

any ideas?


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