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redrobin77 03-09-2004 07:58 AM

Gnome meeting problems
I am unable to use Gnomemeeting because, I am unable to install it in the first place....
Is it compatible with Suse9.0?
( I downloaded the latest versions:
openh323-1.12.3-4.i586.rpm and
for Suse from the gnomemeeting site

but during untar it complains of missing dependancies......??

Anyidea how I can get it going..??

Also are there any OTHER VOIP tools in Linux you guys know of...??



Caeda 03-09-2004 09:04 AM

"Anyidea how I can get it going..??"

How about opening yast, clicking on install software, and selecting gnomemeeting from the list?

redrobin77 03-09-2004 09:17 AM

thank you you honor..
now you make me look like a complete idiot.....but...I must admit that I did not think of that...
the reason is I am so used to Redhat and using 'rpm -ivh...etc' so I never tried the Yast2........Hope that I will not run into dependency problems with Yast.....


ok ok I will :study:

Caeda 03-09-2004 11:32 AM

Its ok.. I'm used to some pretty.. "duh..." questions :)

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