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externalgreenfu 08-26-2003 03:53 PM

nautilus troubles in gnome 2.2
i've recently fallen in love with gnome 2.2

everything's sharp and streamlined, customizable and fast.

however it seems to act very oddly sometimes.

If I've been using it for a while nautilus will no longer launch properly. Everything works perfectly at first but if i try to use it after say 15 min of using other apps, it launches, but never pops up and never does anything. (other than take up about 6mb of mem)

I'm running debian testing/unstable and got gnome with 'apt-get install gnome'
I'm pretty sure everything i have installed is up to date....

Anyone have any ideas?

externalgreenfu 08-26-2003 04:09 PM

i've also noticed a few other things perhaps ya'll can comment on

1) i'm running xmms, gnome 2.2 (w/x), opera a few terminals and the system monitor. this uses 37% of my 1gb of memory. Am i crazy or does ~370mb of memory seem a touch high?

2) related to my first post, after using gnome 2.2 for a while, my desktop icons dissapear. This may be because I kill the nautilus instances thinking they're the ones that are stalling....

Saraev 08-27-2003 01:04 AM

The desktop icons are drawn by nautilus. Killing nautilus will cause them to go bye bye. As for the memory use, anymore it doesn't really surprise me. While I don't notice any slowdowns, my system (with Gnome 2.2) does eat a good chunk of my 512 stick.

As for nautilus crapping out after awhile, no clues here. My system runs for days on end with reboots only when I feel the desire to play windows games. (yeah, yeah, yeah, WineX, whateva)

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