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T-u-N-i-X 03-10-2004 05:43 PM

Gnome 2.6 on Fedora Core 1
Hi There,
I'm using Fedora Core 1 Linux and I have the most recent packages of all.. I want to update my GNOME 2.4 desktop to GNOME 2.5 or if it's possible to 2.6. I don't want to use the badass Garnome.. I don't know if I can compile all that sources of Gnome because it will take a lot of time and there will be of course some errors which I can't manage with..

So is there a better and an easier way to update to GNOME 2.5 or 2.6 ? Are there any 2.6 RPMS for FC1 ? And which packages should I update to for a fully working GNOME 2.6 environment..? Thanx a lot...

TheOneAndOnlySM 03-10-2004 06:16 PM

wait, there is a gnome greater than 2.4 already out?

i just checked the website and there does not seem to be any gnome 2.5 or 2.6...

T-u-N-i-X 03-11-2004 11:58 AM

Gnome 2.5 is out... There is RPM version in FC1 updates.. But I don't know if 2.6 is out..

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