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tovarish 06-10-2010 04:11 PM

glslideshow screensaver shows only one picture

I'm using openSuse 11.2 x64 with KDE 4.3.4 and have strange issue with glslideshow screensaver. It shows only one picture all the time, however if I test it from xscreensaver-demo (not from KDE Desktop Configuration) it works properly. Here is my configuration file below:


[Desktop Entry]
Exec=glslideshow -root -duration 15 -pan 15 -fade 5
X-KDE-Category=OpenGL Screen Savers

[Desktop Action Setup]
Exec=kxsconfig glslideshow

[Desktop Action InWindow]
Exec=kxsrun glslideshow -- -window-id %w
Name=Display in Specified Window

[Desktop Action Root]
Exec=kxsrun glslideshow -- -root
Name=Display in Root Window

Thx you in advance.

ncsuapex 06-10-2010 08:19 PM

Whats the exact command you are giving when you run it?

tovarish 06-11-2010 02:33 AM

Hi ncsuapex,

thx a lot for the reply, but don't sure that I follow you. What command do you mean? System runs screensaver itself after an user inaction. I don't run it by a command. Results if I press "test" button in KDE Desktop Configuration Wallpapers dialog and in case when screensaver runs because of my inaction are the same: only one random picture rotating over and over. However, if I execute xscreensaver-demo from command line and there press "Preview" everything works properly.

If you mean command that KDE uses to start that slideshow, then I guess that it's "glslideshow -root -duration 15 -pan 15 -fade 5" from configuration file above.

tovarish 06-12-2010 05:37 PM

Problem resolved. The answer is that screensaver can be used from two different places: KDE Desktop Configuration and xscreensaver-demo. And it has different configuration files for these cases. In the first one it was configured not properly.

"With the default settings of -pan 6 -duration 30, each image
will be displayed five times (30/6), and then a new image will
be loaded. If you want a new image to be loaded at each fade,
then set -pan and -duration to the same value."

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