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JJX 05-18-2004 12:05 PM

Glftpd 421 (again!)
glftpd 2.00Beta3 in jailed dir (/opt/glftpd)
Running on port 8000
Installed using the script ( and the installation log (installgl.debug) doesnt report any error.

so i try to connect locally:


ftp localhost 8000       
Connected to localhost.
421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection

netstat show glftpd running and if i try to connect from somewhere else it show
that waits expairing.


netstat -a | grep glftp
tcp        0      0 *:glftpd                *:*                    LISTEN   
tcp        0      0    mypc.mypc:1318      TIME_WAIT

Searching i found that i should change "xinetd.conf". However, i didnt find that file!
Has this file been changed with something different?

JJX 05-18-2004 12:34 PM

The problem has been solved using beta 4

Change: The installer has been updated with a number of bugfixes and a few
new things (Thanks go out to psxc).

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