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Oxagast 01-26-2006 01:30 AM

GKrellM takes a LONG time to start up
I just built a new (ok, not so new, it was spare parts) system. It is a 400MHz PII, with 256MB SDRAM and a 40GIG hard drive. I used alot of parts from my older 300MHz system, and just used the old slackware install that I had on the 40GIG drive because I didn't want to set everything back up. For the most part, everything works fine now, althoguh I have noticed that now GKrellM takes an abnormally long time to start up. It litterally takes about 3 minutes to start. I'm not sure what is causing this. There is no high CPU activitiy durring the time it takes to start, nor is there any abnormally high hard drive activity. On the other system, GKrellM would start up within a second or two... not anything compared to what it's taking now. I think it is trying to connect back to it's self (localhost) and it's not working for one reason or another. I did 'lsof | grep gkrellm' and got (among other things) a thing at the very bottom:

gkrellm 2217 oxagast 6u IPv4 5629 TCP localhost:49910->localhost:7634 (SYN_SENT)

and it just hangs there for a few minutes until GKrellM finally starts, and then if I do 'lsof | grep gkrellm' again, that entery is gone, and some others replaced it after that. This leads me to believe that it's trying to connect back to it's self and it's not working for one reason or another. So I opened a terminal and typed 'ping localhost' and I get no ping responses. It can send, but I don't get a response back. I went and checked my /etc/hosts file, and it all seems to be correct... and point to localhost and fluxy as hostnames for this box. I go to my other computer and ping, and from this computer I DO get a response from whats up with that? When I changed network cards, as I am using dhcp, my assigned IP address changed from to could this have something to do with it? If anybody could shed any light onto this, it would be much appriciated.


Oxagast 01-26-2006 01:37 AM

Oh, nevermind, I got it :) I realized that when my network screwed up with the new system, I just ended up modprobing my network card then using dhcpcd to config the network at startup and forgot to start the loopback device lo. It hit me when I was thinking loopback...localhost... then I was like "shit" and typed ifconfig and sure enough, it wasn't there.

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