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Aleksei 02-20-2005 12:03 AM

gkrellm not showing contextual menus properly

I installed gkrellm like a month ago. It was working completely fine. Afterwards I tried to installed gDesklets, i think, or some other package i don't remember. That package required a lot of libraries, so much, that i finally gave up and didn't finished installation. However, after I rebooted my box, gkrellm was running fine EXCEPT for the fact that when i clicked on its GUI, it showed me the contextual menus but without the labels, (no text at all), the same happens when I press F1, the configuration form comes up, it shows all the controls except labels.

The same happens with mysql administrator.

So it looks to me that when installing that package mentioned above I deleted or modified some graphical package used by mysql administrator and gkrellm, but I can't find out which??

I reinstalled gkrellm and it doesn't complain about any missing library. ?

Any idea?
Tnx in advance.

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