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Smokey 09-06-2004 02:32 PM

gimp text
In gimp, when I add text to a picture, the box cannot be moved around? say that it doesnt look right and I want to move it to the right, I cant just simply move it? I have to delete the text and start over until Its aligned just the way I want it? Is this possible, do I just not know how to do it?

Tinkster 09-06-2004 03:14 PM

In GIMP it's all about selections ...
I'd suggest you put your text on a separate layer,
and only anchor the selection once you've decided
where it looks good :}

Which version of GIMP are you using, btw?


Smokey 09-06-2004 03:29 PM

ah that can work i guess, im using 2.0

phunkymunky 09-06-2004 03:54 PM

if you make sure you put your cursor directly on one of the letters(rather than the text 'box') and click/hold you should be able to move the text about without using layers.

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