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davedotwojo 11-02-2010 05:32 PM

GIMP 2.6.8 plugin help
As stated above, I am running GIMP v2.6.8 in Ubuntu v10.04.

Now for the problem: I d/l many plugins from the GIMP Plugin Registry, found a little documentation on how to install them. Now, when I try to use the GUI to copy the files from my d/l folder into /usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins or /usr/share/gimp/2.0/scripts (I d/l'ed python-fu and script-fu based plugins) I am presented with a permission denied error message.

Nothing that I have found has told me if I am trying the wrong folders. They simply say to put the files in ~/gimp/2.0/plug-ins(or scripts).

Can someone please let me know where and how to put these .py and .scm files where I will be able to use them?

ciotog 11-02-2010 11:29 PM

The "~" directory is your home directory, so that would be /home/dave or somesuch. You should have a directory in this called ".gimp" or ".gimp-2.6" (note the '.' at the beginning). Inside this directory is the "plug-ins", "scripts", etc directories where you want to put the stuff you download. The directory might not show up in your file browser unless you choose "show all files", as a '.' at the beginning makes a file or directory hidden.

The /usr/lib and /usr/share directories (and subdirectories) are only supposed to be for files that are in official packages, not for additional things that are installed later.

Good luck!

davedotwojo 11-03-2010 03:31 AM

Thank you, this most definately helps. I think I'm gonna re-buy that book on bash tomorrow.

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