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dmbrem99 05-02-2016 03:05 PM

Ghosting Linux with Symantec 3.1 Suite
Disclaimer... I am a Linux newbie, but thought this question belonged in the S/W section.

I am trying to create an image of a Linux 6.7 OS with the Symantec 3.1 Ghost Suite.

I am able to create an image, but it takes ~2 hours to create. It seems like it is making a bit-for-bit image instead of compressing the image. The image I created was ~400GB large! I was expecting to see a ~4GB image size that takes 5-10 minutes to create.

I am wondering if the system file type has any bearing on the image creation... such as xfs vs. ext4. Does xfs slow ghost down?

Are there certain settings to select, in the Boot Disk Creator, for Linux images?

Some guidance with setting up, and creating, a Ghost boot disk would be greatly appreciated.

Habitual 05-02-2016 05:41 PM

Welcome to LQ!
Can you paste the command you used to create this image?
I haven't used ghost since about the time Symantec bought 'em out.

seems to me

ghost /?
and/or a
going over of

Please let us know.

jefro 05-03-2016 03:23 PM

I haven't used Ghost in a long time either but it could a long time ago copy linux bit by bit. I'd assume that the newer versions would have an ability to read file by file. You will have to read the documentation to be sure.

If it can read the file system and if it sets up the drives for proper speeds and if your output source is fast then a bare install may only take 5-10 minutes. I use older ghost on drive to drive in sata trays to clone smallish drives in maybe 15 minutes. Acronis on larger drives faster systems maybe the same time.

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