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rhythmsection 02-22-2005 05:25 PM

ggv hangs when launched
Can anyone think of a reason why ggv would hang?

I'm getting this error message:
(ggv:4375): gnome-vfs-modules-WARNING **: gnome_vfs_inet_connection_create ("", 0) = "Generic error"

and, I try to kill it, I get
(ggv:4372): Bonobo-CRITICAL **: file bonobo-main.c: line 329 (bonobo_main_quit): assertion `bonobo_main_loops != NULL' failed

I wondering if I walked over one of the dependencies. I'm running Fedora Core 2, and always use yum to install packages. It's never let me down before.

The IP address it's listing in the first error message is the internal address of one of my machines behind my firewall. It's like it's trying to connect to / display to it or something. I was wondering if there is some stale "server" address in a config file that I'm missing. All my other X graphics apps are working fine - like gpdf and xpdf. I like using ggv, though, and I often need to view postscript.

Thanks for any help

rhythmsection 07-24-2005 01:08 PM


This is how I solved the problem:

There is a file in your home directory called

As far as I can tell, it tracks what apps you used to open certain files. Somehow, that had gotten corrupted. I don't remember exactly what I did, since it's been a while. I think you would be ok just deleting the file, since it will be recreated and updated as you use your machine. If you want to play it safe, search through the file for 'ggv', and delete all references.

Good luck

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