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chaits 02-03-2004 09:41 PM

getting the path of a file by clicking on its icon using glade2

hi members!

I am using glade to develope gui of the application which i want to create as my project work.

i have encountered a problem.

My problem exactly is :

Suppose i have created an application using glade2.In the source files(say, main.c) i create a character array (i.e. a storage space) & then i run the aplication. Now, when i click on a file icon while my application is running, i must get the full path of that file in my pre-allocated storage space.(for eg. if the file is q.c in directory /home/chaits/ , then when my application is running, if i click on the q.c's icon, i must get "/home/chiats/q.c" in the character array i created)

Is it possible using glade2? if yes, how?

i heard that there are somethings called gtk+ functions which allocate such space themselves.... but i am totally clueless about it.

If this is not possible using glade2, which designer i should try?

Please help me.



acid_kewpie 02-04-2004 07:48 AM

you're not really within the right scope. glade is just a toy for building UI's and thier callbacks. you need to code a signal handler to do what you need, which is not what glade is for.

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