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tkmsr 12-30-2010 05:01 AM

getting text from a video
I am having a few videos with me.(approximately 15)
Each of one hour duration.These are in flv format.
I have to write in a doc what ever conversation is happening in these videos.
So I would like to know if there is a software which can easily to the same rather than me playing the video in VLC and listening to it and then manually typing each time the conversion which is happening in the videos.I do not need subtitles to video.I need to write the complete conversation happening and then some one else would make this concise after reading this entire conversation.
The os Is Ubuntu .

Snark1994 12-30-2010 11:07 AM

Speech-to-text is pretty difficult at the best of times - wikipedia seems to have a list of solutions, but I suspect that none of them will be able to do what you want. 'course, you could use Dragon Naturally Speaking on Windows if you have the money to buy both ;)

arizonagroovejet 12-31-2010 08:51 AM

Even with the best text to speech converter I imagine you will end up with a significant amount of text that does not make sense. You would then find yourself trying to work out where in the video that bit of nonsense text corresponds to in order to watch it and find out what was actually said.
Given you have 15 hours of video, I suspect the best solution is just to listen and type. It probably won't take any longer than messing around with with text to speech converters and could well actually take less time.

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