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ust 05-24-2005 11:53 PM

Get back a file from a crashed linux system
I have a RH linux server but it is crashed , now this server can't connect cdrom , can't connect network and even can't boot , I have a important file inside the HD , I want to get back the file , if I unplug the HD and plug it to a windows server , can I see the file from windows explorer ? if not , could suggest the way how to get back the file ? thx

kencaz 05-24-2005 11:57 PM

Windows won't help you... Boot a Live Linux CD and mount the partition...


ust 05-24-2005 11:58 PM

thx reply , what is the mean live CD ? is it installation cd ?

freakyg 05-25-2005 12:41 AM


Originally posted by ust
thx reply , what is the mean live CD ? is it installation cd ?
knoppix is a live CD............uh, CD #2 of Slackware 9.1, and maybe 10.0 is a live CD of your RH cd's may be a live boot rescue disk???

ust 05-25-2005 01:41 AM

thx reply again , can I create a boot rescue disc with another RH server and boot on a crashed server ? if yes , could advise how to creat it ? thx

kencaz 05-25-2005 02:14 AM

If you can get into an OS that can allow you to get online and burn CD's then go here:

I don't know much about RH server, however, if there is a rescue mode then you could certainly use it to mount the partition and find the file in question. Just be careful not to do any kind of destructive partitioning or formating on the partition and your data will certainly be accessible...


ust 05-25-2005 05:46 AM

thx reply ,

the knoppix can run on RH server ?


ust 05-25-2005 11:15 PM

Thx reply , I can boot with the knoppox linux cd , the server can connect internet now , but only found the below device path , could suggest how can I see my original path (eg. /home/ , /usr , / tmp etc, because I hv a important file at these path ) ? thx


makuyl 05-26-2005 02:27 AM

You have to mount the devices for which mountpoints should be under /mnt. If you can't find the mountpoints do: "sudo fdisk -l" to see if your disks/partitions are correctly identified. Mount with for example: "sudo mount /mnt/hda1"

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