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TheHushedCaskeT 02-01-2005 10:14 PM

Gentoo VNC, empty dialog box !! "Question" window is empty !
I Emerged VNC 3.3.7 which I'm guessing is stable on Gentoo Linux.

I am not behind a router, I am currently out in the WAN.

My friends want to connect via Tight VNC, when they attempt to connect, a window comes up. The title of this window is "Question".

I'm assuming the window is the connection request.

When I press Enter, or click on the bottom corners of the window, the window closes.

They tell me that they are unable to connect. They aren't connecting.

Does anyone know how I can go about turning this thing off ? Since I want to be able to use VNC from my friend's house when I'm not home.

Or at least, fix this problem ?

Should I use an older VNC ?


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