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oopicmaster 10-11-2003 03:27 AM

GEEZ! Monitor Problems!
One of my machines is an older Pentium 2, with an older monitor.

I have successfully installed Windows NT on this machine with no problems.

I am trying to install Suse 7.3 on it...


The problem Im having is that for whatever reason, SuSe is unable to get the monitor to work in graphics mode. When I run SaX2 to configure X, the monitor shuts off (goes into standby) and I get a black screen when it tries to start the X server. Ive tried pretty much every available combo for resolution/etc.

Hay carrumba!

arunshivanandan 10-11-2003 03:33 AM

try using 'xf86config'.the 'startx'.you can find the errors in /var/log/XFree.0.log(or similar files.)your X config file must be /etc/X11/XF86Config ot XF86Config-4.xf86config will create a new XF86Config only.(where as XFree 4.x will search for -4 one first.)so just rename(!!) XF86Config-4(if it is there) and proceed with 'xf86config'.

oopicmaster 10-11-2003 03:48 AM

I think Ive found a way around it.

I have another monitor that this problem doesnt occur on.

When I start SaX2 I connected the "Good" monitor. I then setup Sax to display a smaller screen size (The good monitor is larger than the Bad monitor)

I setup the graphics using the good monitor, then once set, I switch out the good monitor for the bad monitor and everything displays.

Oh well.

Thanks anyway arunshivanandan

Say... Do they pay you by the hour to give this kind of advice?

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