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daemon_14 01-14-2006 01:34 PM

GDM/KDM Login Screen too big for screen on ATI 3D Rage Pro
Ok, here's my dilemma...
i've recently installed Debian 3.1r0a with the 2.6 kernel on an old dell poweredge server to be used as a remote rsync server. the install went flawless, however, whenever i use the GDM or KDM and try to log in graphically, all i can really see is the sessions part of the GDM login window (the text of "SESS" fills the screen). the graphics card is an ald ATI 3D RAGE PRO and just looking around, i was supposed to use the Mach64 driver in the xserver-xfree86 config, however there was no such driver. i just used a generic VESA driver and specified that the best resoultion to use was 1024X768@75Hz for my monitor.
What confuses me more is i have the same results on the KDM, but when i use XDM everything loads fine, i can log in, and my screen fits like it should. Is there something that is (not) referenced in the XDM that is the opposite in the KDM or GDM?
The other way to accomplish what i'm doing (i would like to be able to choose my session on the fly, but i much prefer fluxbox over everything) is to just make fluxbox my default session under XDM. if anyone knows how to solve either of these, it would be greatly appreciated.


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