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zbrox 08-08-2004 03:13 AM

gdm freezes the machine
i'm running debian unstable, and for a day or two i experience some weird problems. sometimes, and that's the strangest, only sometimes but quite often when starting gdm just freezes the computer. it stops loading, the mouse won't respond, neither will the keyboard. and so i'm forced to reset the pc. it's very spooky, for me at least. can somebody tell me some hypothetical reason for this to happen? and could it be something with the fact that i've installed a bootsplash, which btw made the machine not get till the login stage everytime, sometimes it freezes in the very beggining of the start sequence.
i'm afraid most of the possibility that my hard drive is dying? could that be, and how can i find out :)
if anyone can help me with these things, i will be much obliged!!!
thank you in advance!

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