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ArchNGEL 07-29-2005 05:27 AM

gdm crashes but ok after restart
hey there ppl

i started messing with my pc, and what happens to ppl like me when they start messing with their pc? yeah..

anyway, i have

problem is that after boot finished, X starts, GDM starts then crashes and falls back to another login maganer. if i type gdm-restart then GDM starts without any complaint

gdm errorlog shows:
Symbol __glXgetActiveScreen from module /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/libdri.a is unresolved!

I disabled early login, didn't help tho. Yesterday I was having problems with X itself, but it seems that X is ok now. I do not really get why GDM is able to start if asked manually.
I tried to fall back to NVIDIA-7664 which had worked fine. Didn't matter.

Yesterday I was trying to install beagle so I downloaded a kernel for it. That's when the problems started, but the kernel is uninstalled by now.

Ideas, fellas?

ps.: also done fixfiles relabel on specific directories

ArchNGEL 07-30-2005 02:29 PM

please please help me now

reddazz 07-31-2005 03:20 AM

Enter your error message on google, there are a lot of results that show up and I am sure you will find a solution somewhere in those results.

ArchNGEL 07-31-2005 06:03 AM

yeah, well... umm that was the first I had tried. i thought that some ppl had already met this sort of problem.

but thanks anyway


reddazz 07-31-2005 10:07 AM


Symbol __glXgetActiveScreen from module /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/libdri.a is unresolved!
I entered that into google and a lot of results came up, some even on this site.

ArchNGEL 07-31-2005 01:56 PM

yeah well, as I already told you I googled the net. Most of them are having problems with bunch of other things, mainly X and graphics card. In my case it seems as if gdm started earlier, because after its crash both gdm-restart or ctrl-backspace solves the problem.

thx anyway

ArchNGEL 07-31-2005 02:48 PM

commenting out Load "dri" in xorg.conf hides the problem
who is this dri guy anyway?

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