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cmoloney 05-18-2003 10:59 AM

gcc missing??
I'm trying to install samba on a RH9 server from the latest tarball. I'm getting an error that gcc is missing and also cc is missing.

Can anyone tell me what these are and how I get them and install them.

MasterC 05-18-2003 11:30 AM

GCC is the GNU compiler. You can install from your install CD's or from the gnu website ( however, there is going to be dependency hell, so it's usually suggested to find something like Synaptic or apt4rpm and use it to resolve the hundreds of dependency files needed for it.

For more info:


mhearn 05-18-2003 01:11 PM

Just check all the options in the development tools section of "Add/Remove packges"

cmoloney 05-18-2003 01:24 PM


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