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SciYro 12-06-2003 03:49 PM

gcc compiler error / linux headers install help
ok i need some help plz, i cant search cuse libary computers will only ler me use search engines that dont even know what "linux" is, anyway im trying to compile glibc and it gives me a error when i configure it saying my linux headers are to old (im using 2.4.20 and it sayins i need 2.1.?? +) it also says it looks at verson.h to find the kenel hearders verson but i dont have that file, and i tryed to run "make mrproper" then "make include/linux/verson.h" but it cant find teh rule to amke that file, 2nd when trying to staticly compile gcc it gives me a error about a file ld then it says "cant find -lc" or somthing then stops configureing /compileing or whatever im doing to it, plz hep

Bigun 12-06-2003 04:26 PM

what distro are you compiling with?

SciYro 12-07-2003 01:44 PM

thats could be a problem umm i boot with lnx-bbc and then i chroot over to a partion were i put core-distro, only i dident install that part, only oput the binaries in so i can compile --- eh ok now im trying to compile teh new verson of gcc (3.2) and it stops when useing make says

assembler messafes:
FATAL: cant create pic/regex.o: no such file or directory
....then it says make ... error 1 the usualy stuff it says after errors any advie on how to compile it so i dont get errors?

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