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mbvo 08-18-2008 07:59 AM

I've got a question... If I mess up gcc in the process of trying to update it is it repairable with a binary install or something? or am i screwed?

garyalex 08-18-2008 08:27 AM

That depends ... what distro are you using?

mbvo 08-18-2008 08:35 AM

dsl, i tried compiling a file and it didn't want to compile with gcc from mydsl, so i downloaded gcc extracted ran configure and make bootstrap, i'm not sure how much i've done or if it's screwed up at all, i'm new to linux(a years experience off and on) and i seriously feel like i'm in the dark.

mbvo 08-18-2008 09:10 AM

oh yea and bootstap took all night then and the computer was froze when i woke up this morning

garyalex 08-19-2008 05:46 AM

I'm not too familiar with DSL. The best option I think would be to reinstall gcc from the install media.

mbvo 08-20-2008 08:49 AM

the installation media if a 50 mb cd, i did a frugal install(wget the iso, mount and cp the files to a partition) and I'm not sure but I don't think that it comes with gcc, i installed gcc1.dsl(3.3.4) package.

Also I reran the make bootstrap and 48 hours laterit tells me:

make[1]: *** [stage3_build] Segment fault
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/dsl/gcc-build/gcc'
make: *** [bootstrap] Error 2

what does this mean?

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