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jnusbaum 06-14-2006 02:50 PM

gcc 4.1.1
Does anyone have a build of gcc 4.1.1 for RedHat EL 4 64bit SMP? I have been unable to build it from source. I get an internal linker error trying to build libstdc++. I have upgraded to the latest binutils, etc. I can't find a binary rpm for gcc 4.1.1 anywhere but I know it is available in Fedora Core 5.

cs-cam 06-14-2006 07:20 PM

Why such bleeding edge software on a server machine? That would be why you can't find it anywhere, Redhat will stick with the "tried and true" stuff for their enterprise-level operating systems.

jnusbaum 06-15-2006 11:11 AM

Well because my target OS is dictated by the customer and my software requires implementation of certain C++ language constructs that are not handled correctly by any gcc release except 4.1.1. This is one area where I think RedHat makes a big mistake. It is fine to avoid bleeding edge releases for core things like the kernel, filesystem, etc. But development tools are NOT part of the core of a server system. It is perfectly acceptable for development tools to be bleeding edge (as long as the stable versions are also available) and sophisticated software development often needs bleeding edge tools. Especially C++ development given the complexity of the language and the attendent compiler technology needed.

fedora4002 06-15-2006 11:22 AM

GCC 4.x sucks. It did a poor job for back compatibility. Lots of packages that has no problem with GCC 3.x can not be compiled using GCC 4.x. You might need to install both versions.

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