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burnitall 03-24-2004 07:43 PM

funky courier / procmail issue
i'm new to procmail / email in general. i've set up a suse 9 server with postfix as the MTA ( default ) and courier-pop3 running to deliver email

mail spools are at $HOME/Maildir instead of /var/spool/mail/$USER

I can filter mail with procmail rules a la


* ^Subject:.*(**SPAM)


# end code

when .forward isn't there (ie no procmail) I can receive mail via mutt just fine ( mutt is using $HOME/Maildir as the mail spool ) but if i use .forward / procmail, any messages that don't match my one filter are stored in ~/Maildir/ as files a la

user@box:~> ls Maildir/
cur msg.-HL msg.MIL msg.RIL new tmp

mutt doesn't see these messages and neither does courier =/

.procmaillog ( w/verbose on ) looks like this:

procmail: Assigning "DEFAULT=/home/user/Maildir"
procmail: No match on "* ^Subject:.*(**SPAM)"
procmail: Assigning "LASTFOLDER=/home/user/Maildir/msg.SIL"
procmail: Opening "/home/user/Maildir/msg.SIL"
procmail: Acquiring kernel-lock
From Wed Mar 24 17:29:10 2004
Subject: foo == bar
Folder: /home/user/Maildir/msg.SIL 6450
procmail: Notified comsat: "user@0:/home/user/Maildir/msg.SIL"

any ideas?

TIA, jeff

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