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unix20009876 11-16-2005 10:33 AM

ftp and subdomain
I use C++ on Windows OS to login my UNIX host with same user name and pswd with 3 different domain names, but get exactlly the same contents and has the same root directory.

the domain names are:
2) www
3) www2 (this is a subdomain)

do you know why?

RedShirt 11-16-2005 10:59 AM

Because subdomains are folders linked to the domain name... for instance:
"" can be mapped to "" But in the directory structure you would still see it as httppdocs/Linux/images/ or something like that depending on the host. In you case it would be something akin to "httpdocs/www/" and "httpdocs/www2/" while the "httpdocs" folder holds everything.

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