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TheShadowWRX 05-03-2002 12:51 AM

Front Page 2002 Extensions
I have mandrake Linux 8.1.
I am very new to linux and i just want to load the front page 2002 extensions so i can have a discussion board.
I have searched the net for over 5 hours now...
I have the fp50.linux file
it is unziped and all now what?
Can someone please walk me through the steps?

Thank You,

Mara 05-03-2002 05:24 AM

Where do you have this file from? I haven't heard of something like this before, but I can look into it :)

TheShadowWRX 05-03-2002 07:09 AM

I downloaded the file from:

Thanks for your help.


Mara 05-03-2002 09:03 AM

Grrr... Registration. I don't like it. But they write it's .tar.gz format. So
tar zxvvf filename
After it's unpacked you should get more files and installation notes, I suppose.

Baver 05-03-2002 11:16 AM

first, I'm presuming your using apache, from the rpm that comes with mandrake.

stop apache by running either

httpdctl stop
apachectl stop

I find i have to run these commands a few times because of child processes (if you don't know what i mean, just keep running it until is says no process killed)

After you untar the fp50.linux.tar.Z (or fp50.linux.tar.gz), run the script by typing:

cd frontpage/version5.0

The next prompt asks you if you are ok with your system backup. answer with the letter y and hit enter.

I'm not sure how the next part goes, but when it asks you if you want to install a route web, press y <enter>. It will then ask you for char sets, etc. just accept the defaults. Eventually it wil ask you for administrator username/password. I thin kyou can handle that part. During this entire time, it will at one point ask you where your config file is, and where your httpd executable is. I'm not sure where those are on a mandrake system, but using the command

locate httpd.conf


locate httpd

shoudl help. (Note: do not put the location of httpdctl in (it may be called apachectl) because it is just a script that runs httpd)

say no to sub/per users, and no to virtual hosts (unless you have any). Thats it!

start httpd by running the command

httpdctl start <or> apachectl start

i'll hopefully have my site up soon ( and may put this more formally on there. If your there, check out the server info page. (i'm not online all the time (still dialup for a few more days) but will be soon).

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