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qwijibow 11-11-2003 10:30 AM

Free Download HSF modem Driver Post
Hello Guys. are now charging for there stable drivers for the hsf linmodems.
but many of us were happy running the risks with a "beta driver"
which used to be free.

If you have an rpm of any hsf linux modem driver that
you downloaded while the drivers were free,
please email them to me at
with a note saying what kernel its for, and what processor.
(i386, i686, i486, i586, athlon)

and i will post them for free download to all others at

at the time of posting this link i have drivers for kernel

you can find out your kernel version by typing 'uname -r'
at a console.

If i dont have an rpm for your kernel, then
you can download the source code for the driver.
this should enable you to compile the driver for whatever kernel you have.
(i havnt tried this yet, you may neeed your kernel source installed)

but if any1 manages to compile the driver for there kernel,
i would apreciate it if they could convert it to rpm with the program checkinstall
and email it to me so i can make it available for others.

ThanKyou for your help.

qwijibow 11-11-2003 08:58 PM

ive tried it,, and YES.
the SOurce COde reealy does work !!!!!!

here's a little guide to get around some problems ive faced.....

Make sure the kernel source is installed.

cd /usr/src/linux-2.4.22 (or whatecer version number )

some source files are generated dureing install, if you have never compiled a kernel yourself you will need to run the compile sequence (but will not need to use the compiled kernel, so its ok if u make a mistake)

if you have never compiled from this source, OR have used the make clean; make mrpoper commands to free disk space after a compile you will need to do the following 4 steps

1) make xconfig (click save and exit)
2) make dep
3) make bzImage
4) make modules

now cd to where the modem source file is.
cd /download.loacation/
tar -zxf the_source
cd to the source
cd the_source
make install
su -
(follow on screen instuctions)

DONE, now use your fave tool to dial...
kppp or redhat-control-network

do all as root.

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