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gabel 02-22-2003 04:09 AM

free download
How can I free download JCATS ?

acid_kewpie 02-22-2003 04:18 AM

this is the air simulation program? or the one for grading school papers? either way they seem to be unavailble / proprietry software, so are not avilable for free download. LinuxQuestions will NOT tolerate "Warez" requests.

gabel 02-22-2003 04:23 AM

JCATS-wargame simulation
I need for my job!

micxz 02-22-2003 04:27 AM

does your job not provide this software?

gabel 02-22-2003 04:29 AM

No. Is this software avaible or not?

micxz 02-22-2003 04:37 AM

why don't you check it out'

or try searching for the software makers?

gabel 02-22-2003 04:41 AM

I don't want to illegal download that ... i just want to know if is avaible for download.

micxz 02-22-2003 04:46 AM

who do you work for?

gabel 02-22-2003 04:47 AM


micxz 02-22-2003 04:53 AM

I just thought they would have it at the base or at least tell you were to get for class etc. But I may be wrong, I'm sorry I've not heard of this particular software' Good luck

gabel 02-22-2003 05:07 AM

Thank you !

arnold 02-22-2003 12:41 PM

you try google advanced "jcats" ??

jeffyp 09-06-2003 02:26 AM

You can only get JCATS by contacting the Joint Warfighting Center, attn Brian Gregg <>. He is the JCATS program director for the Department of Defense. It is doubtful that he will authorize it unless you are in DoD or a contractor working for the DoD.

Cerbere 09-06-2003 07:11 AM

Which army do you work for?


jeffyp 09-07-2003 02:15 AM

I don't work for the Army directly. I am one of the JCATS programmers. I work for Lawrence Livermore National Lab in the Conflict Simulation Lab. We are the authors of JCATS.
We develop JCATS under contract to the Department of Defense - Joint Warfighting Center.

I personally am also the original author of both Janus and the Joint Conflict Model (JCM).

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