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Crazed123 07-28-2003 04:12 PM

Framebuffer Console Help
When I boot up my machine it boots in framebuffer mode vga=794, but the penguin logo stays at the top of the screen and I can't scroll up with less. Instead a line of text up from my position appears a line above Tux. Once I start and shutdown X the problem stops. How do I stop this? Se siggy for system info.

jvds 07-28-2003 04:57 PM

Does press CTRL+L help?


Crazed123 07-28-2003 05:47 PM

No, it just clears the screen. OK, scratch that kernel stuff.:Pengy:

Crazed123 07-28-2003 11:32 PM


Azmeen 07-28-2003 11:54 PM

Just type clear and the penguin should be gone.

Crazed123 07-29-2003 02:10 PM

Clearing will make the penguin go away, but I still won't be able to scroll up.

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