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Saulo 07-17-2006 02:41 PM

FORMS library
Hi. I'm trying to find [to download] the FORMS library written by Mark Overmar. Particularly because is needed by Geomview. I've tried finding it with google but nothing.
The geomview doc says the FORMS library is available from via ftp... how do I do that?
Also, does anybody knows for sure whether FORMS and xforms are the same?
Anyone can help me?

MensaWater 07-19-2006 07:48 PM

Don't know about the FORMS but can give guidance on the ftp.

Typically you do the ftp from command line going to the site they give you. However on trying that it said no such site. Often people will prepend their ftp server as ftp on the domain. So trying worked.

For most public ftp servers you just login as "anonymous" and use your email address as the password.

So typing:



Connected to
220- Welcome to
220- Login as "anonymous" or "ftp" and enter your e-mail address as password.
220- If your FTP client crashes or hangs shortly after login, please try
220- using a dash (-) as the first character of your password -- this will
220- turn off the verbose messages that may be confusing your FTP client.
220- This server limits the amount of connections per IP address in order to
220- let more different users access the archives.
220 FTP server ready.
Name (
Which basically confirms what I just said. Once logged in you can do ls to see what is there. You may need to cd to a directory that contains what you want. (I didn't login myself.)

To get the files you use the "get" command or the "mget" command. "get <file>" would get a single file. "mget <pattern>" would get all files that match the pattern.

Saulo 07-20-2006 09:56 PM

Hey, thanks for the info, it was very useful.

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