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tpprynn 03-27-2016 09:57 AM

Fonts regression (L)ubuntu 14.04.4 or Abiword installed there
I mention Abiword in my heading but I'm seeing a possible regression in font quality with my current install of Lubuntu 14.04.4. All updates are installed.

It may be me being naive but apart from Abiword, installed from the repositories, fonts in Celtx taken from the Celtx site also look more like how they do when 'Full' is chosen for smoothing rather than 'Slight', which is needed for Roman type fonts to look how they would when printed. (I say this because I know that some very Linux-knowledgeable people aren't bothered about Roman-type fonts and can be dissmissive of the issue.) I don't know if there is a connection, but the important difference is that the fonts in Abiword on the menubar are fine, where the fonts in the typing window aren't. In Celtx all the fonts aren't antialiased right. I did look at the same version of Lubuntu from a memory stick/usb drive and found that the fault is there even before any changes are made to the install.

After many years of moving back and forth between Windows and Linux I have had a few happy enough tryouts of distros in the last couple of months and hope to settle for a cosmetically enhanced version of Lubuntu 16.04 on both my laptop and desktop, but as I do a lot of word processing this late issue is something I need to know can be put right, especially as since 2009 Linux font rendering has been easily the best against the Mac's and Windows' equivalent software.

All feedback welcome, including confirmations that people have noticed the fault, as I couldn't find reference to it. Maybe people tied to LXDE and Abiword are less fussy, except for me... Thanks.

(I don't know if it's some kind of clue but I installed Libreoffice-writer earlier on its own, found it looked a similar pre-2009 mess font-wise and so used a big part of my limited mobile broadband to add the rest of Libreffice. It's now fine. So maybe something is missing from the Abiword install Ubuntu had packaged - maybe the fault doesn't lie with the Abiword people themselves.)

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