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hemk76 05-06-2005 01:13 AM

Floating point exception

i have written sample driver

i compiled with gcc 3.2.3
kernel : linux-2.4.22
hardware: i686(p4, 2.8 ghz with HT )

gcc -c -O3 -W -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -fomit-frame-pointer mydriver.o -isystem /lib/modules/
2.4.22/build/include -DLINUX

it compiled with out any error
i was able insmod mydriver.o

but when tried using strip command

strip -s mydriver.o

insmod mydriver.o
Floating point exception

it is giving this error , why is it

thanks in advance

foo_bar_foo 05-07-2005 12:49 AM

in a nut shell --strip-all destroys libraries and objects and is only meant for binary executables
could it be that stripping has removed/moved or otherwise destroyed the object/symbol references ??
not really willing to destroy something to find out

you might be able to get away with --strip-debug on libs but i would just leave kernel modules alone

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