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koy 07-27-2004 04:50 AM

Flashplayer in firefox 0.9
Ok, so I go download the new firefox 0.9 and install it with the installer into ~/firefox
Then i see that flash ain't working no more, so I go to and get that flash installer (which now is meant to work with firefox). I run, and install.

Now my problem is, that flash only seems to work sometimes (on the smaller flash files), here's an exemple:

I see the flash box on the right, but if I click on one of the links to flash files
(ex: ),
it gives me a white screen and at the bottom it says "The plguin initialization failed. Reload the page to try again";

but then again works.

So it seems to be only certain flash files that don't work. :/
Btw: I'm a bit of a newbie and running SuSe 9.1...

koy 07-27-2004 12:44 PM

bump (thread got put back 2 pages in bout 10 hours lol)

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