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Gay R0b0t 06-14-2005 08:10 AM

flash: sound plays slower than video
Hi Guys, here the problem:

I'm using firefox, and when I watch flash movies the video seems to run faster than the sound, or other way around (sound slower than video). I need to press pause (we'll de-select play on right click menu) and wait for the sound to catch up every minute or two.

The Yast Online Update icon in system tray is green, so everything is up to date.
I'm about to check if I have this same problem on Windoze, to determine if it is hardware based, but regardless of the source of the problem any tips on resolving it would be highly appriciated.

I have tried googling for this issue, but don't know how to concisely define this problem so it is difficult to find relevent results.


Thorium 06-14-2005 11:03 PM

I have a similar problem, haven't got a fix for it yet. It seems to be that flash in firefox uses OSS, and for some reason, it lags in this particular case with my card, but on my other comp, it works just fine. You have have a sound blaster 5.1 too? It's been really bugging me, and I'm going to go at it more later this week when I get more time. It seems lots of people have the problem but like you said, its hard to find something relevant to fix it. :study:

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