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equinoxe5 11-09-2004 01:03 PM

Fix idea for KMenu and Kmenuedit failure
I was just gazing at the Mepis Knowledge Base and in the FAQ section, I saw this solution for my only headache of the times with KDE.

The entry was written especially for KDE 3.3; but I use KDE 3.2 (default installation of SimplyMepis 2004.04) and I couldn't believe that it worked.

There are so many threads over this problem (usually named as "Kmenuedit doesn't apply my changes" or "Changes in kmenu disappear after log off/log on" or etc.) so I thought that I should post this as a new thread. Well. Here is the solution (as quote from the knowledge base of Mepis):

"In the /etc/menu-methods directory there is a file named menu-xdg. Edit that file and look for the following line:

prerun = 'rm -rf ' prefix() '/*';

Remove this line, save and exit the file. Now when you make your menu changes, they will stay."

Actually, I did not remove the whole line. Just put a comment sign (#) at the beginning of the line and it worked like charm.

So. I hope this solution will make people (who have the same problem which I had) smile.

Tinkster 11-09-2004 01:34 PM

That must be mepis-specific, surely?

I can't recall having seen that directory in
Slackware or Redhat ...

equinoxe5 11-09-2004 01:39 PM

Actually I'm not sure. I had had a similar problem to this while I was using SuSE 9.1 Personal Edition. I don't have any idea for other distros such as Slackware; but maybe the same file could be in another location.

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