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royearl 05-28-2010 11:32 AM

fix grub

I recently replaced a failed graphics card w/ a GT 240. Next thing I know, Fedora 11 won't boot up properly. I guess it was a driver issue. I can tell you I went about fixing it all wrong because I wiped the FC11 partition (intending to install FC13) and now I can't boot anything up. My system consists of: sda1 vista, sdb1 XP, sdb5 extended, sdb6 Fedora. I thought grub was on the fedora partition, but reinstalling fedora with grub on that partition didn't fix the boot up problem. Do I need to replace the windows boot loader on sda1 with grub when installing fedora?

amani 05-28-2010 11:36 AM

Install grub to mbr of sda

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