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Felipe 01-08-2010 04:47 AM

Firefox-squid in linux. Any way for SSO

I'm trying to authenticate my Firefox(Linux) to Squid (Linux) using NTLM without having to type my domain/user and password.

What I have:
- Win2003 running IIS (Internet Information Server).
- RedHat running Squid 2.6.STABLE14
- Client WinXP with IE and Firefox.
- Clients Ubuntu 8.04 and OpenSuse 11.2 integrated with AD with Likewise (ubuntu) and Samba (Opensuse).

What I've got:

1- IIS on Sever Win2003 and Client Firefox (Ubuntu 8.04 and OpenSuse 11.2):
I can connect to Win2003 and I'm not asked for domain\username and password. NTLM works fine.

2- RedHat with Squid and Client WinXP (Firefox and IE).
I can access a protected URL with authentication and I'm not asked for username and password. NTLM works fine, both Firefox and IE.

What I've not got:

3- RedHat with Squid and client Ubuntu-Firefox
When I try to access the same URL protected with authentication (trough squid), I'M ASKED for domain\username and password. If I type it, I'm allowed to access.

What I want is not to be prompted, just extract it from my session, the same if the client were WinXp.

For short:
- IIS: I can use NTLM form Windows and Linux clients and it works fine.
- Squid: I can use NTLM if client is Firefox-Windows, but I'm asked to type domain\username and password if client is Firefox-Ubuntu.

Why do I have to type the domain\username and password if my client is Firefox-Linux if it works fine with Windows-Firefox-IE? What`s wrong?
Do I need add a new plugging or something to Firefox in Linux?

Can I use any other auth method in Firefox so I don't have to type the username/pass?

I've realized that this problem occurs with other proxy servers.


irishbitte 01-29-2010 10:49 AM

Hmmm. I'm not sure that I'm thinking the same thing as you, and from what you say, you may already have set this up. Anyway, take a look at this:, and look from step 4 on. Because you have used Likewise Open to join clients, all the messy steps 1-3 are done for you. Have a go, preferably in a test environment!

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