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pit1516 07-04-2005 04:01 AM

firefox / kde: "open with"-menu does not work properly
having just installed firefox (running in KDE on debian, newest stable versions), i'm experiencing some strange problems when trying to open downloaded files (with the firefox download manager):

1) the MIME-types / file associations from the KDE control center do not work - for example, i have .pls-files associated with xmms, but i do not even get xmms as an option in firefox's "open with"-dialogue (well, actually i don't get ANY options in the "open with"-dialogue no matter WHAT file type i try to open). strangely, everything works just fine in konqueror !

2) the "open containing folder" option does not work - clicking it has no effect at all. the path to the standard download folder is valid, and firefox downloads the files just fine (i just can't get it to open the folder).

3) all of the above work just fine in GNOME (installed on the same machine) !

any suggestions ? i already tried playing around with firefox's mime.types, to no avail...

thanks !

- pit

mindnumbed 07-21-2005 03:57 PM

The "open with" menu in Konqueror is controlled by the KDE control centre, because Konqueror is a KDE application.

However, Mozilla (or Firefox) is not a KDE application, so it doesn't even know about the KDE control centre.

To make Mozilla open MP3s in xmms, first find an mp3 file on a web page somewhere, and choose "open with". You will then probably find a blank field to enter the application. Enter /usr/bin/xmms. This should then open in XMMS.

mindnumbed 07-21-2005 04:01 PM

As for the "open folder" option, this again I think is related to Firefox not being a KDE app. It is (i believe) written with GTK+, and as such is more closely related to GNOME...

It might also be an "alternatives" issue, with mozilla seeing gnautilus as "sensible-filemanager" or something, and thus trying to execute it in KDE... That's probably a bit complicated, but if you've dealt with alternatives before it should be familiar.



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