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rnturn 10-03-2012 10:17 PM

Firefox Cache Not Clearing
I'm running Firefox for 90+% of my browsing (Opera for the rest) and have had problems with certain web sites that don't seem to load images correctly when I reload the page. I found that I had to go into Preferences->Advanced->Network and manually clear the cache before reloading the page. Occasionally, however, the cache won't clear. I've checked to see if pages in other tabs might still be trying to load something but even when I find that no other pages are loading and caching objects, there are times when I'm unable to click on "Clear Now" and get the cache utilization down to "0". Once that happens restarting Firefox is the only thing that'll completely clear the cache. (Which I'm obviously not keen on doing when I have a lot of tabs opened.)

Has anyone else run into this? Is it a bug? Problem with a plug-in? What is it that gets into the cache and is not being removed? Or is this just Firefox misreporting the current cache utilization and merely not displaying "0KB" when that's actually the case?

All this is while running Firefox 15.0.1.



everest40 10-04-2012 02:14 AM

I just tried to clear my cache in Firefox. It went down from ~200MB to 13KB. Not zero, but pretty close. Switching from tab to tab increased the cache again by a few kilobytes.

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