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paul62 10-14-2011 05:59 PM

firefox and flashplayer
I am using fedora core 15. How could I download and install flashplayer 15 for fire fox 7.0.1

macemoneta 10-14-2011 06:13 PM

You can go to Adobe and install the yum version. This will add the Adobe repository, so future updates to flash are automatically available. Then make sure you have the latest flash plugin with (as root):

yum install flash-plugin
Alternatively, once the Adobe yum repository has been added, you can use the Add/Remove Software tool to install flash-plugin. Which ever you are most comfortable with.

PS- The current flash plugin version is

David the H. 10-14-2011 09:40 PM

Not to sound rude, but don't you think other people may have asked this question before? Check out the "related threads" box at the bottom of the page, for example. There's a reason the new post page asks you to run a search first, after all.

But in any case it's easy. You don't even need a special package (although they do provide the extra convenience of handling it with your package manager). Just download the current .tar.gz package from adobe, unpack it, and copy the file to one of the directories FF looks in for plugins (google for it). The only other thing you need to do is ensure there aren't any other conflicting versions sitting in one of the other locations.

craigevil 10-14-2011 11:23 PM

Wonders why no one bothers to Google or look at the docs for whatever distro they are running. I am guessing it has to do with a windows mindset.

Very first link when searching for "fedora firefox flash"
Flash - FedoraProject -

paul62 10-15-2011 07:34 PM

I used yum to install flashplayer. Fire fox is still telling me I need the flashplayer plugin. How can I link firefox to the flashplayer plugin?

John VV 10-16-2011 02:11 AM


Wonders why no one bothers to Google or look at the docs for whatever distro they are running
no kidding ,i lost count of the times o pointed to the fedora documentation
-- the very lengthy and long documentation --
the bold yellow link in the middle top of the fedoraforum
"Fedora Set-Up Guides"


How can I link firefox to the flashplayer plugin?
HOW did you install ff7 ?
by hand or the recommended way

yum update
ff7 is in the fedora repos

if by hand then reinstall it using yum
the manual install DOSE NOT have a "plugins" folder , so NO plugins

delete the manually installed version

su -
yum reinstall firefox

as to flash
fedora uses what is called " alternatives " so that more than one and /or different versions can be installed at the same time

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