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opto 10-27-2006 11:56 PM

Firefox 2.0 not displayng webpages correctly
I just installed Firefox 2.0 on my computer (Slackware 10.2 Kernel version 2.4.31). The installation went as planned with no errors. However, when I visit webpages the back round/table colors do not show. For example show up as all white (except for text, links, pictures,). I can read the content but there is no color on the page itself.

I previously used Opera 9.01 for a while and decided to try out Firefox 2.0. All of the pages show up fine on Opera 9.01, but not in Firefox 2.0.

opto 10-28-2006 12:36 AM

I figured it out.
I figured it out (Duh). Forget to specify a setting. I have the solution in case another newbie runs into the same problem.

Edit->Preferences->Content->Colors-> then check Allow pages to to choose their own colors instead of my selection above.

Sorry about that.

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