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shani 11-07-2003 02:00 PM

files&folders permissions under SAMBA share
Heare is the case.
I have a shared SAMBA directory name USERS .

Inside the share i have couples of subirectorys name MIKI and JOEL.

I am a user name Yossi.
When Yossi copy a new file to MIKI's folder the file gets these fetures.
The owner is Yossi the group is Yossi and the permmisions are rwx-r-x-.
What i would like is that the file will inherit the MIKI's folder permissions,
Which are : owner=MIKI group=YOSSI and the file permmissions are 770

mking 11-20-2003 11:02 AM

Group permissions
We have the same issue here.

I have a Samba server with a Public folder. Inside the Public folder, there are subfolders belonging to various groups. I need a way to make sure that any files or folders created or edited within these subfolders ALWAYS take on the permissions of the parent folder - Is that possible? How?

aqoliveira 11-20-2003 12:48 PM


Under linux set the SGID on the folder. The folder perms will look like this e.g rwxrwsr_x folder. Make sure that the users u want r placed in the correct group. Use the cmd chmod g+s folder or chmod 2??? folder.


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