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nogerorob 04-18-2006 10:24 PM

File system points to MySQL db's in wrong cPanel

I just moved from a shared hosting solution to a dedicated machine. After an attempt at Virtualmin Pro, I realized I wasn't up to it and asked my host to set up two cpanels for me, cPanel A handles some shared domains, cPanel B is for one single domain which I have vbulletin running on.

Previously all the domains were under a single cPanel, so to extricate my big site and give it its own cPanel (cPanel B), they created a copy of the MySql vB database and imported it.

So, I believe I have two mySql servers running on the same machine. Things were working correctly at first. The config file containing the MySql user/password for vBulletin pointed had the correct info for the vB db in cPanel B and all was well. They gave me an initial password that needed to be changed so I deleted the user associated with the vB database on cPanel B, then deleted the user.

Then I created a new user in MySql on cPanel B and gave All access to the vB db. Unfortunatly, I then went to update the config.php file, and began getting error 0, can't connect to database.

After some troubleshooting I figured out that somehow config.php can now only see the MySql databases on cPanel A. I know that it is only seeing the old database because I changed the user and pass variables in the config.php to those still attached to the old db on cPanel A and it works.

I'm not sure what happened. How can I make it so that the config.php see's the correct mySql database?

This is my first time managing a linux server and I really tried to go the virtualmin route before defaulting to cp. :| Any help is appreciated.


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