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richone 02-24-2005 12:58 PM

Fedora Core 3 Enlightenment e17 Integration Guide
Start by installing the e17 rpms from the yum respository. What? There is an e17 yum repository. Sure, right here:


replace the hxxp with http

Now let's integrate Enlightenment (e17) and Entrance into our environment.

I made the following change to /etc/X11/xdm/Xsession:

# now, we see if xdm/gdm/kdm has asked for a specific environment
case $# in
    if [ -x "$SWITCHDESKPATH/Xclients.$1" ]; then
      exec -l $SHELL -c "$SWITCHDESKPATH/Xclients.$1";

    case "$1" in
      exec -l $SHELL -c "xterm -geometry 80x24-0-0"
      exec -l $SHELL -c "$DBUS_LAUNCH gnome-session"
# Added this line, the capital E in Enlightenment is important
      exec -l $SHELL -c "$DBUS_LAUNCH enlightenment"
# end of changes
      exec -l $SHELL -c "$DBUS_LAUNCH $SWITCHDESKPATH/Xclients.kde"
        # fall back to twm
      exec -l $SHELL -c "$DBUS_LAUNCH $SWITCHDESKPATH/Xclients.twm"
      # GDM provies either a command line as the first argument or
      # provides 'failsafe', 'default' or 'custom'.  KDM will do the
      # same at some point
      if [ "$1" != "default" -a "$1" != "custom" ]; then
          exec -l $SHELL -c "$DBUS_LAUNCH $1"

This change will allow Enlightenment to run from any login manager, but you are running e17 and want the whole ride. So let's configure the Entrance Login Manager as well:

I made these changes to /etc/X11/prefdm:

# Run preferred X display manager
if [ -f /etc/sysconfig/desktop ]; then
        . /etc/sysconfig/desktop
        if [ "$DISPLAYMANAGER" = GNOME ]; then
        elif [ "$DISPLAYMANAGER" = KDE ]; then
        elif [ "$DISPLAYMANAGER" = XDM ]; then
# Changed Start Here the E17 can be anything you want but needs to match the /etc/sysconfig/desktop file as well
        elif [ "$DISPLAYMANAGER" = E17 ]; then
                preferred="/usr/sbin/entranced -nodaemon"
# End of changes
shopt -s execfail

[ -n "$preferred" ] && exec $preferred $* >/dev/null 2>&1

# Fallbacks, in order
# This makes Entrance also the default
exec /usr/sbin/entranced -nodaemon $* >/dev/null 2>&1
# End of changes
exec gdm $* >/dev/null 2>&1
exec kdm $* >/dev/null 2>&1
exec xdm $* >/dev/null 2>&1

And then change /etc/sysconfig/desktop to have just this line:

Reboot and you should be good. If these changes cause any problems, you can back out easily by booting into runlevel 3 via grub. When grub shows up, edit the kernel you want to boot into (press 'e') and modify the kernel boot line removing the 'rhgb quiet' and replacing it with '3'. This change is not permanent, just for this session. Do not modify the grub.conf, you can do this change within the grub bootloader. The backout of the change made above and reboot of 'init 5'.

t3gah 04-03-2005 05:29 AM


You should put this in the Linux Tutorials section here at

Look at the Main Menu panels for the link.........

stevsmit 04-29-2005 03:05 PM

lost sound with Entrance
Thanks for the help.

Used the guidance to get E17 Entrance working on RHEL 4. Entrance works fine, but with a couple of quickly identified problems.

1) I now have to be logged in as su to mount usb devices (hard drive, pendrive) and /dev/cdrom and

2) have to be logged in as su to use xmms and gmplayer.

Starting xmms from a terminal as normal user produces the following error:

** WARNING **: alsa_get_mixer(); Attaching to mixer hw:0 failed: Permission denied

trying to play a file results in

** WARNING ** : alsa_setup(): Failed to open pcm device (default): Permission denied

Starting gmplayer as normal user provides the following:

Linux RTC init error in ioctl (rtc_irqp_set 1024): Permission denied
Try adding "echo 1024 > /proc/sys/dev/rtc/max-user-freq" to your system startup

Everything works fine without Entrance. I appears that Entrance 'changes' some permissions???? I am at a loss. Any help out there would be appreciated.

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