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stacey 08-29-2006 03:29 PM

fedora 5 wont boot / no grub loader installed??
This is my 1st look at linux, downloaded fedora 5 for 64 bit

system is athlon 3000+64 processor
windows xp SP2 on HDD 1 (C drive)
disc 2 is for fedora

booted into dvd and followed all instructions ie checked disc checksum, followed instructions set up second drive for formatting automatically, and all seemed well. got to the grub screen and selected other /dev/hda ( windows) as default boot for now, as not to confuse the rest of the family!

the installation process appeared to go according to plan, took about 30mins and filally I was promped to reboot.

did not see any GRUB screens that allowed me to select Fedora or Windows, just boots into XP.

Checked the D drive in windows, and windows cannot recognise the format, so I'm asuming that it's formatted ok. so...
re booted from DVD and created new boot loader config
that reads
"the GRUB boot loader will be installed on dev/hda"
again select other as 1st boot on dev/hda1
then it says
install boot loader on /dev/hda Master Boot Record MBR
then I get a warning..

No Kernal packages were installed on your system. Your boot loader configuration will not be changed

and again after reboot we go straight into windows.

Aslo tried booting straight form the second HDD from the F12 option avaliable on my start up and get a mesage somthing like cannot load/find OS

please make any help as idiot proof as possible


studio512 08-30-2006 04:44 AM

hi stacey,

this part am not very sure, but i suppose the warning explains it all:

"No Kernal packages were installed on your system. Your boot loader configuration will not be changed".

u r missing some kernal packages, n so linux isnt changing ur default bootloader, which will by reasons obvious boots to windows.

as u say u r new to linux n also ur family uses it.
my sol is :

install bootmagic, on windows. try to reboot with it one or two times just to be sure tht it works.
then when installing linux, it will ask if u want a bootloader(grub here), n where to install it: mbr of the harddisk, or to a linux partition. choose the later. complete ur installing.

boot bck to windows, n run bootmagic config to add linux to its boot-up list.

thts it. boot bck into linux, n spank the penguin.

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