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nikowdeny 04-03-2005 09:19 PM

fedora 3 installation problems
i know that someone out here has a solution to this!
well, i have a brio P3 and im running win XP... however my efforts to install Fedora core 3 have not been successful. my CD rom is bootable, but whenever i try to boot from the CD, only XP loads!
i downloaded the FC3-i386.iso cds from 1-4 and they are in the iso format in the CD .. is that right?
hey im crying for help.....

michaelk 04-03-2005 09:38 PM

You should see files and directories if the CD was burned correctly. What application are you using to burn with?

If using Nero or Roxio

XP can not natively burn ISO CDs without additional software.

excidy 04-03-2005 09:51 PM

When burning and ISO image on your CD rom, the image is extracted and bunch of files are burned on the CD. Now when u open your burnt CD in windows, u should see a bunch of files and folders on it(but not only one .iso file). That means u burned the image right. But that's not only it, u are also supposed to make the CD bootable, which is different than any kind of other data CD. From Nero, u can find an option, it's called " Burn Image" try with that, it has worked for me. Other than that, try to get into your BIOS setup and check in what sequence your computer is turned on. It should be like this, Floppy, CD, Hard Drive. Which means before starting the windows from hard drive, it checks to see if there is a floppy or bootable cd in the drives. IF you have all these ready. Everything should work just fine. It may sound hard, but it is not hard trust me,, GOOD luck.........

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