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peterrrjr 08-14-2016 05:21 AM

fcrackzip not working with ESfile explorer zip file
Hi people, good evening.

I have zipped and password protected a file on my sd card using Es File Explorer for android.
The problem is: I forgot or mistyped the password.

I've installed the fcrackzip software, but it is not working with Es File Explorer zip files. I've tested the fcrackzip with files created by winrar from windows and even from winzip, and the software was able to recover them.

I've sent the file to this site:, and they have successfully cracked the password in less than an hour. The problem is, they are asking for a big amount of money to surrender me the files or password.

So, I am asking here, how can I recover this file? Does the Es File Explorer uses a different zip file format? Is there any config I should do? Is there any other alternative? Thank you!

jefro 08-15-2016 03:50 PM


This may work.

Those sites may have some pretty good processing or have a good table set. You must have used a weak password.

peterrrjr 08-18-2016 12:21 PM

I have tried that and no luck.

The problem is: the file is not encrypted. It is a password protected ZIP file, created with esfile explorer. Not ans encrypted file :/

I have tried several softwares on the web. All of them worked with winrar and winzip password protected files, but none have worked with the ones created with esfile.

And yes, all the test files created with esfile were able to be opened in winrar and winzip when I used the password, so i do not know how to do.

Any ideas?

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