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baldur2630 09-28-2008 02:56 AM

Fail2ban and Firestarter
Does anyone know if there are compatibility issues between Firestarter and fail2ban (latest versions)?

amishtechie 09-28-2008 05:40 AM

All I found on it was this but the person said it was fixed a few years ago. Just make sure that fail2ban starts after your firewall.

baldur2630 09-29-2008 06:46 AM

Ah, at last I can contribute a bit of info.

I did yum install fail2ban and it wanted to install Shorewall as a dependency, which would have trashed Firestarter.

I quite like Firestarter, it's protected this box against some really determined hack attenpts.

Of course we insist on strong passwords, but I have no problems with Firestarter at all. In fact I highly recommend it. We've had up to 5,000 attempts per 24 hours, night after night and Firestarter has coped with all that.

Bottom line, I didn't install fail2ban. I used Denyhosts instead.

I haven't really worried too much about the acne-ridden yobs who have nothing better to do with their lives, but the traffic is getting a bit much.

Hopefully DenyHosts will cut it down considerably

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